About the February Fitness Challenge

The February Fitness Challenge is an annual event for Masters swimmers (age 18+). The goal is to swim as much as you can, and compare your total distance swum during the month with other swimmers in your club and around the world. Many swimmers set a target of 100,000 yards total distance. Any type of swimming is permitted—lengths swum with a pull buoy or a with kickboard count the same as plain swimming.


The February Fitness Challenge originated in 1993, so this year will mark the 30th year of the event. Unfortunately, we had to cancel the 2021 event because of many pool closures due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We saw many of our past swimmers return in 2022, and hopefully 2023 will see more! The Tualatin Hills Barracudas in Beaverton, Oregon have been the host club for the past 23 years. Approximately 200–300 swimmers participate each year, across all age groups from 18–24 to 90–94. Most swimmers are from the United States, but the event is open to any Masters swimmer worldwide. Several swimmers from the United Kingdom, Australia and Canada have participated in recent years.

Originally the February Fitness Challenge was a postal event. Swimmers would track their daily distances and mail us their completed entry forms in early March. In 2018, we moved to this online system, where swimmers can use this website to log their workout distances on a daily basis. Now you can see how you compare with other participants during the month, instead of waiting for a final results booklet to be mailed in March.

Event Notes

Please take note of the following event features and rules:

As always, we value your feedback, so please feel free to contact us with your thoughts and suggestions!

Women's Records

Age Group Name City, State Year Yards
18–24Jaymi MacKenzieLexington, KY2010200,000
25–29Kathleen DavisonReston, VA2006238,500
30–34Tricia CommonsThousand Oaks, CA1997258,000
35–39Dawn BergesonCottonwood, MN2001418,400
40–44Dawn BergesonCottonwood, MN2004486,800
45–49Lynn KubasekLaguna Beach, CA2008422,577
50–54Lynn KubasekLaguna Beach, CA2009633,600
55–59Lynn KubasekLaguna Beach, CA2014460,100
60–64Carlita 'Lee' DurandSan Diego, CA2003390,720
65–69Jewell Grigsby-MartinStafford, VA2000515,800
70–74Jewell Grigsby-MartinStafford, VA2005601,650
75–79Jewell Grigsby-MartinStafford, VA2008364,000
80–84Jewell Grigsby-MartinStafford, VA2012229,100
85–89Jewell Grigsby-MartinStafford, VA2017179,700
90–94Jean EscargeWilkes-Barre, PA201611,680

Men's Records

Age Group Name City, State Year Yards
18–24Brad BoekesFargo, ND1996203,500
25–29Tom McCraeMenlo Park, CA2005725,533
30–34Mike HallTerre Haute, IN2002353,000
35–39Chris ShoupConyers, GA2000541,000
40–44James BeglyGoshen, IN2003456,700
45–49Jim FitzpatrickLaguna Niguel, CA2000761,000
50–54Jim McConicaVentura, CA2005616,000
Jim FitzpatrickLaguna Niguel, CA2009
55–59Kent PricePalo Alto, CA1994575,000
60–64Michael NastaEast Meadow, NY2008443,920
65–69Kent PricePalo Alto, CA2007545,600
70–74Virgil YoungHannibal, MO1996297,000
75–79Richard TaylorLevittown, PA1996396,000
80–84Harry RedpathBrisbane, QLD AUS1999181,000
Ian RedpathBrisbane, QLD AUS2005
85–89Ian RedpathRunaway Bay, QLD AUS2010104,552
90–94Gene CrossetSeattle, WA200541,250